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GH: HOLE-O-MATIC’S on a little hiatus right now,

but do check out this cool “one night only” event
from Mr. Michael Holland at JOE’S PUB!

Here’s the scoop straight from Michael:

“Hey, gang! For those of you not in the facebook loop, I wanted to tell you about a little extracurricular project I've been working on with my Godspell pal Lindsay Mendez. It's called "You're Gonna Hate This," and it's an all-original revue I made up - and guess what it's about! We're doing it at Joe's Pub here in NYC on Sunday, April 21.
Here's a link to our facebook page:
...and here's one for the Ticket Buying page:,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,6642
...and here's yet another, to the nice article where they even included a couple of songs you can listen to, in case you need extra convincing:
I'm told that tickets are actually selling, so don't get left out, 'cause you're gonna hate that. Hope to see you there!


Michael Holland's website has joined the cybersphere -

Karen Mack's website has re-joined the cybersphere -

There's a great review up @Cabaret Hotline
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- you can read it at
And another nice online review (Thanks Darron Cardosa!)
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Rodney Sexton posted a great interview with Michael at
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The cast recording of GODSPELL has officially dropped &
even hit #1 on the Billboard Broadway Chart!
It's available at iTunes and (to name just a few places...)
And for those looking for some backstory on Michael's arranging for this Broadway revival, here's a very cool interview he did with writer Carol de Giere
- click to go to
Stephen Schwartz's site!


Congrats to J. Messier, who scored a $25 iTunes gift card
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MTV'S 80s-est videos

A classic in every way is "Separate Ways" by Journey -
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