It's the 90's and while sound bytes are nice, wouldn't you rather hear the whole song?

Yes, it's true. Thanks to the wonders of Real Audio Logo and Real Video Logo you can now hear the music and see the band without waiting for a long download.
 If you don't already have it, you will need to download Real Player Logo. The current version is 5.0.
 Get Real Player Logo

And now you are ready to listen to DOO·WA·ZOO sing:

Testify by Rich Campbell and Elliot Archer.

The Old Blues by Diane Irwin.

The following 3 songs are from the cd "Best Of Singsation '97 Live!"

This cd is available from and features the groups: 

Here is DOO·WA·ZOO's version of Let It Snow, from a show at The Bitter End.

DOO·WA·ZOO also has a cassette. Visit the Onomatopoeia page for details and info on how to get one.

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