It's all about sixes...

Our first recording project, "Onomatopoeia" (of course, you know what that means), features an eclectic mix of six of our favorite and most requested songs.

The six song cassette has the unique quality of featuring 6 members. The project was started when Pat Tortorici was in the band, and finished when Kat Cogswell came in, so you can hear each of them on different tracks.  (Truly a golden opportunity for you collectors!!!)

Need a free sample?  Visit our sound page.

For $6 (plus shipping) how could you possibly go wrong?

To order Onomatopoeia by credit card, click on the "Buy Now" button below.

Or, send a $7 check or Money Order to:

P.O. Box 350
Wall Street Station
New York,NY 10268-0350


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