You heard it here.

Here's what those in the know have to say about DOO·WA·ZOO.

"I particularly appreciate DOO·WA·ZOO for having some
range of emotion and persona. (They) exhibit more range than most
'testosto-pop' bands display in an entire show. Thanks for remembering
that there are both extroverted and seductive modes of delivery"
- Dave Bieri, Baritone / Euphoria / Boston MA

"My favorite mixed group in the entire universe."
- Sean Altman

"their unique blend of music with movement is a delight for both the ears and the eyes...
rising stars in the burgeoning field of contemporary a cappella"
- Jim Vincent, The Accidentals

"Sooooooo Smooth"
- Deke Sharon, The House Jacks

"A fave among city slickers"
-  New York Daily News

"They look great, they sound great, and they're on time!"
- J. George, Jersey City Cultural Affairs

"...quite possibly the finest vocal and physical simpatico of any group on today's musical scene."
- A. Martin, CAB Magazine

"An evening of contagious fun that simply makes you feel good...Worth seeing twice!"
-  M. Amis, This Month On Stage

"In my next life, I'd like to come back as any one of them."
- Guest at Janice's wedding

"I just wish I lived closer to NYC so I could attend more of their gigs --
but those of you reading this who live nearby have no excuse. Go! See them!
Hear them! You'll love them too, I guarantee it.
- Beth Olliges, CASA Ambassador, Kentucky.

And here is a review that Beth wrote.

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