Michael Werkhizer

Mike's Picture Boy, I don't like crowds! I run from them. To think of the city streets...EEK! I was walking down a street in NYC a while ago, getting pretty tired of moving out of everybody's way. So, here's this big guy headed right for me on a collision course. This time I wasn't moving... BAM! Right into the shoulder. I kept walking, too scared to look back at him. So, what did I prove to myself? I don't like contact sports either.

I was born and raised in a less crowded area of the Northeast, and got all my schooling there as well (Gettysburg College/E. Straudsburg U.)

I arrived in the NYC area with some knowledge about writing & arranging: more rock and dance than anything. But upon joining DOO·WA·ZOO in 1990, I learned much about a cappella - mainly, the possabilities are endless!

I still like dance music, and I did a solo album of dance songs. It's called "A Titanic Lust" . Oh yeah, I like ocean liners, too.

You can E-Mail Mike at Mike@doowazoo.com.

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