Kat Cogswell

Kat's Picture In the early years I lived in a small town called The Dalles, Oregon. I was a ballet dancer & I remember trying to choose between going to dance-school up in Canada, or going to The Dalles High School. Big choice for a small town girl. I chose the public school because of the wonderful social life that high school can provide...Ha, ha, ha! Soon after this decision my ballet teacher moved away. This loss threw me into a singing career (mainly because I didn't know what else to do & I loved to sing). The arts in my school were strongly supported (back then) so I learned a lot and had some great performance opportunities.

Becoming a partner in DOO·WA·ZOO is definitely the high point in my musical career. I have always loved part-singing. I studied with Phil Mattson on the West Coast and also sang with a vocal group called "16th & Savoy" while working my way toward a bachelor of music at the Hartt School of Music. I was introduced to the band at a New York Harmony Sweepstakes competition when they were producing it and my group was competing in it.

Two years ago, after pursuing my solo career in NYC, I decided to move out West to get "back to nature" & spend some time with my family. Two months after I moved to Seattle I got a voicemail from Debi Hollie asking me to audition for DOO·WA·ZOO. This was very convenient for me since #1- I always wanted to join this amazing vocal band & #2- I was already planning a trip to NYC to perform at the 1996 Backstage Bistro awards. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I was chosen to be a part of this project!

When I have time off from the band, I love to rollerblade all over NYC: over The Brooklyn Bridge, near Battery Park, in Central Park, & in all of the streets that connect these places! It gets a little tricky during these winter months but I still do it as much as possible! I also spend as much time as possible out in the country.....especially in the Poconos. I love to hike & just BE in nature. These are my favorite things (besides singing with DOO·WA·ZOO). I hope that anyone who wants to chat with me will come & seek me out after one of our shows. My band-mates & I love to meet new people!

For their constant support, I want to thank my family in Oregon & my "extended-family" here in NYC. Thank-you to Carrie & Hunter... ......... Oh! & another thanks goes out to my cat "Toonces" for his constant companionship.

You can E-Mail Kat at Kat@doowazoo.com.

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