Karen Mack

Karen's Picture Okay - so here’s the long & short of it... I’m originally from Pennsylvania and  I enjoyed the mountain greenery there until it was time to toddle off to college - Syracuse University - where I majored in Musical Theater. That educational experience brought me to the following realizations:  Cooking with a hotpot in your dorm room is severely overrated and more than a little dangerous in the wrong hands,  AND if all the world’s a stage, I want to set my own staging, lighting, THE WORKS!!! Seriously, I loved doing theater work  - sometimes I really miss it and I still do readings and performances when I can here in the city. It taught me an awful lot about striving for honest emotional connection in your work, taking risks and what makes some choices better/stronger than others. As I continued, though, I really longed for the freedom of expression that writing my own music and performing it brings and so I transferred to Mannes College of Music where I studied jazz performance and composition. I’ve also studied and worked in stand up, improv, dance, and waitressing/bartending  - all the “well rounded” things a true performer needs!  And since joining this band, I’ve been able to do a lot more writing and vocal spontaneity/ improv so I’d have to say that now I feel like I’m on closer path to happiness than ever!  One of the great things that  a group situation offers is the chance to work with lots of different strengths and experiences combining toward a common goal - you’re always teaching each other and you’re always learning from each other.

In addition to my work with the band, I’ve done some developmental vocal work on a children’s show by Julie Gold (of “From A Distance” fame) and Dan Clancey. I’m a session singer with Street to Penthouse Music and I sing backup for Lina Koutrakos, an amazing rock/blues diva (and good friend)! 

In fact, on December 17 & 18 you can see me with Lina. Wednesday we'll be at the Fez (Great Jones & Lafayette) in Manhattan at 10:30pm. And Thursday Lina is having her CD release party & show at Downtime (32nd St. off 8th Ave).

Other particular fave performers of mine (outside of the realm of a cappella since there’s just too many there to mention!) :

And, of course, BABE - you can’t beat a polite little pig with a good heart!

Click on Babe to hear him speak.
Karen likes Babe

You can E-Mail Karen at Karen@doowazoo.com.

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